Poipoia te mokopuna / Traditional Māori child raising

Tikanga Ririki is a kaupapa education programme that connects whanau to Te Ao Māori to support the development of their tamariki.

We will share with whānau, knowledge and practices that are grounded by tikanga Māori.

The programme includes:

  • Ngā Atua, Whakapapa, Waiata Oriori and Karakia
  • Positive Parenting tools
  • Managing our behaviour towards tamariki
  • Ongoing parent support strategies in whānau and community
  • Self-esteem, quality time, safety in our home
  • Reducing violence for our tamariki
  • Mauri and the brain

Māori parents have to go back to their past to move forward. We have to learn from our past and take the best of it into our lives now.

Children were and still are the most important people in the community. All adults were committed to raising and guiding them without harsh treatment. They all knew that the strength of their future lay in investing in their children.


Ta te ririki tana mahi wawahi taha.
It is the job of the children to break the calabash.

Who can access Poipoia te Mokopuna?

Whānau Māori and tamariki between 0-3yrs including hapū māmā.