Cancer Co-ordinator


Support improved access to services along the continuum of care for clients and their whanau affected by cancer.


  • To liaise and/or advocate for and with whanau to improve communications.
  • To facilitate increased knowledge and information about cancer
  • To participate within and initiate health promotion and education activities to increase awareness about cancer and  services for cancer
  • To support Māori community development initiatives for cancer
  • To work in a collaborative way with other service providers especially other cancer coordinators within the  MedCentral district to ensure continuum of care for clients and their whanau
  • To refer to other service providers as appropriate or as requested.



Any person and their whanau who is or has been affected by cancer is eligible to use this service.

Referrals are welcomed from yourself or your whanau;  and any organizations/agencies, other service providers and health professionals.



Horowhenua, te rohe o Ngati Raukawa ki te Tonga.



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