Early Childhood Education – Engaging Priority Families

Support Whānau to help find a local childcare service that best suits your child’s needs.  Engaging Families into early childhood education.

Encourage whānau/families to engage with their child’s ECE  service so together they meet learning outcomes, identify language, identity and cultural needs for their tamāiti/child.

We are on a journey to provide support to whānau/families to access and successfully engage in Early Childhood Education for their 3-4 year olds and their transition to kura/school.

This service is free of charge and is available to families who reside in Horowhenua within the Levin East and Playford Park area.

We are here to support your decision for your child’s pre-school education and help find a Childcare Education Centre that best suits you and your whānau/families needs.


How does the service work?

Identifying non ECE participating 3-4 year olds that reside within   Playford Park and Levin East area.

Provide support to whānau/families that enable them to participate in their pre-school children’s learning.

Monitor children placed in early childhood services and work with them and their whānau until they transition to school/kura.

Encourage and support your child’s early learning education and work with whānau to overcome barriers that may prevent participation.

Develop a plan with families aimed at increasing access and participation in ECE.

Support whānau/family in developing a learning plan in the home during the child’s ECE service participation.

We are also able to support families with their non-educational needs.


How can we access this service?


In house referrals