Major South American Cities

Major South American Cities

South America is a highly urbanized continent. This kind of shift to cities seems to have sped up the economic growth of the continent, and also reduced the price of delivering simple services to people as they are less dispersed. Metropolitan areas have become hubs for culture, cuisine, athletics, business, hot latinos women and more. The very best South American cities are vibrant, dynamic, and boast a rich cultural as well as historical heritage. These are the best Southern American cities to see for a brief trip or even as a long term base.

Quito is a town where skyscrapers and colonial time mansions coexist. It has world-class eating, a flourishing arts location that spans from pre-Columbian to contemporary artwork, and is one of the safest urban centers in Latina America.

Colombia’s Cartagena has the think of a Mediterranean dock, complete with cobbled streets and stunning buildings that were once defended by fortress walls. It’s a must-see for everyone who loves history, architecture, as well as the Carribbean.

Acertados Espaces is the most seen city in South America, and rightly so. The new cultural, cosmopolitan, and also walkable metropolis with a booming nightlife. Make sure to see the Recoleta Cemetery, wherever Avoi Perón is buried, and sample a number of the city’s popular beef and wine.

Located at the bottom part of three volcanoes, Arequipa is another in the top South American cities for those who love natural beauty and culture. It is very known as the white city, and colonial customs makes it a must-see. The new great place to relax and enjoy the weather, as well as to visit among the many museums or perhaps artisan market segments.

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