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Car Seat Rental & Lay-By Scheme


Car seats for 0-6 months are available for hire with a $70 bond.  Car Seats for over 6 months can be purchased on a lay-by scheme using $20 of the bond as a deposit.


  • To ensure your child’s safety in a moving vehicle
  • All children in appropriate restraints from 0 – 8 years
  • Qualified child restraint technicians available


Infant / Child Restraint Plans


Infant restraints (capsules) available for 6   months hire

  • BOND:       $70:00
  • REFUND:  $30:00 when restraint returned

NB: Conditions apply



  • New, full size child restraints at wholesale   prices
  • DEPOSIT:  $30:00 or infant restraint refund can be used for this
  • Low, automatic payment options for an agreed time period


For sale

  • WINZ quotes available
  • New, full size child restraints available
  • FULL COST:  $170:00