About RWO

Alcohol & Drug Support (AOD)


Community support for those of any age affected by alcohol and/or drugs, providing an Alcohol and

Other Drug Support Service for Maori, not excluding other cultures. Sharing with Rangatahi,

Mothers and Fathers, Paheke, Kuia and Koroua who wish to access this service which focuses on

support with client, key worker (counsellor) and AOD support worker participation. Whanau centred

co-operation with client consent, and also share in developing support for individuals to manage and

improve their health and well being.


The service aims to reach clients and whanau who require information and support to manage their

programmes with key worker and support service. Access can be by self referral or referral from

other sources, i.e. GP, Hospital Health Services or Whanau.

Location of Services

The AOD Support Service is available in the areas from and between Otaki to Bulls. Based in Levin.